petty cruel inane

Took my wife's car to the garage, which is only open weekdays and closes at 5:30. I asked the fellow at the counter why they didn't open on Saturday, since that's when most folk can coordinate dropping off a car without too much logistical complications.

"Well, the guys need a day off," he said.

I wanted to say: get more guys, but I'd forgotten: the service industry is not here to do anything as debasing as, say, serve. They exist to balance their needs against the rapacious demands of the consumer, and if we reach a happy medium, hoorah.

source: Lileks

Another botched redesign at E*Trade. Just what we all need -- an investing site that doesn't have a link to place a new trade on the home page, the portfolio page, or the account page. In fact, the explanatory "trading" tab on the old site has been replaced with the ambiguous "Investing" button which sounds more like an informational section than an transaction section. Stop me before I write 1000 words...

source: Signal vs. Noise

You've all seen those sweatshirts sold under the name B.U.M. Athletic Gear. Aptly named. Everyone I have ever seen wearing them is an abdominous, wheeezing sea cow. Strangers to health and fitness, they believe that by wearing voluminous, cotton yurts, they will seem associated with fitness. If they really were, they would not be stuffing their gaping maws with two Cinnabuns in rapid succession.

Oh they're in shape, don't get me wrong. I just question whether the dodecahedron is a shape that anyone wishes to emulate.

source: Davezilla

I keep forgetting they're playing commercials at the movies now before the previews (yes, commercials, like you see on TV, in case you're not being subjected to this). What kills me is that everyone quiets down and pays attention, as if it were a preview or the actual film. But it's a goddamn commercial! I'm paying to to be advertised to. From now on, I want more civil disobedience. I try to talk right through then and then turn my attention to the screen once the actual "movie" content begins. I encourage you to do the same, just talk right through those commercials as if nothing's started playing yet. We shouldn't have to pay to watch commercials, it's ridiculous.

source: Megnut

Wow, you can buy a CD from every concert of Pearl Jam's last tour. Wacky.

source: Evhead

I'm doing this thing that I think is really, really funny, and cool: I'm sponsoring the "Weblog of the Millennium" in the anti-bloggies!

See, in their rules, the antibloggies clearly state that I'm not even eligible, and since they're anti-, and since WWDN recieved so many bloggies...I just thought it was very funny, and stuff for me to sponsor that category.

source: Wil Wheaton

Two white {fray} shirts, out of print. One black "tell me a story" {fray} shirt and one black Fray Day 5 shirt, also out of print. A half dozen of my favorite undies that I bought in London, irreplaceable. All my favorite socks. Two pairs of jeans and my favorite gray slacks, the ones Gap doesn't make anymore. Several sweaters, including the black v-neck I bought in Amsterdam that traveled the world with me. All gone.

Never, ever complain to the universe about your life being too stable, my friends. Because the universe is always listening.

source: Laundry Day, by Derek M. Powazek!